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ZSJ series of arthropod desliming

Type:Screening series

Keywords:Multi component screening equipment, screening equipment

Description:The arthropod coal sieve has the advantages of light weight, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency, long service life, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and the use of high wear resistance, high hole, self cleaning, no sticking t

Notice: Please specify when ordering specifications, screen surface layers, the material name, size and screen size parameters.。


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ZSJ series of arthropod desliming



The purpose and characteristics of

ZSJ series of arthropod desliming and dewatering screen is developed by our company, Sculping screen used in the dehydration section, The national patent product. In addition to advanced and patented products--composite sieve tray Since the local group, Great water treatment capacity, Dehydration of high efficiency, energy-saving, long life and other significant advantages, is the coal industry and coal desliming, medium, an ideal equipment for dewatering, can be compared with the various types of imported products.The device also can be used for fine slime made the end of operation, the user obtain better economic benefits.

The working principle and structure characteristic

The composition of arthropod core made of many sections of the screen to screen, Sub-section of vibration, The overall arrangement, in accordance with the equal-thick vibration principle According to the different of the materials on site, Each section of the core direction angle of vibration sieve can do to adapt to the adjustment of the plane of the screen In order to achieve the best combination of throughput and screening efficiency, sieve shaker driven by two electric motors is doing the reverse rotation self-synchronization, generating the linear movement of the screen.

Arthropod-sifter is the core, The shock absorption spring at a time, Damping Device Quadratic damping spring motor and bracket, etc. Used to block the production of quality steel screen frame side plates, side plates and the beam, the vibrating exciting is the base of high-strength bolts or ring groove rivet joint, firm structure and reliable.

Motor vibration, use of automobile transmission shaft with vibration exciter is connected.(Vibration group)

The section screen has a damping device with quadratic damping spring.

Installation and debugging

Prior to installation, the foundation and the installation of the sieve graph to the scene to check pre-embedded steel plate flatness error is less than 3mm.

Installed, sieve To adjust the relative position, A meeting with quadratic damping spring are perpendicular to the axis below the vibrator axis motor 3-5mm, and then the motor bracket, spring-loaded and pre-embedded steel plate spot welding in prison.

Requires two motors to be the opposite.

Vibrating load operation time was 4-6 hours, the request screen running smoothly, without yaw and abnormal noise, check the screen, the fastening of the exciter.

Check the exciter with the working temperature of the bearings should be less than 75 degrees Celsius.

Use and maintenance

Arthropod starting to screen in order: to predict the flow direction of the launch, parking along the flow direction.Starting with material should be avoided, all on screen surface screening out, and then stop.

In the sieve in the course of work, we should pay attention to the screen box operation whether is stable, if not operating properly or be knocking at any time, should immediately stop check.

Arthropod sieve dehydration is generally negative angle or horizontal installation.

Easy to accumulate between spring dust and impurities, the influence of the spring to work properly, should be kept clean.

Always check the bolt connection throughout the screen, and if there are loose tighten.

Exciter bearing lubrication of lithium grease 3, under normal conditions, lubricants add a monthly basis, the bearings should be clean and check for two years at a time.




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