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SZZ-type self-centering

Type:Screening series

Keywords:Self centering vibrating screen

Description:SZZ type self centering vibrating screen movement round the whole series, there are twelve kinds of specifications, for coal. Metallurgy. Building materials. Chemical industry, classification of small and medium grained materials. The screening machi

Notice: Please specify when ordering specifications, screen surface layers, the material name, size and screen size parameters.。


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SZZ-type self-centering



Product standard

QJ/AKJ02. 08-89 Self-centering shale shaker and QJ/AKJ02. 09-89 Self-centering shale shaker.

Usage and feature:

SZZ-type self-centering for circle vibrating screen trajectory, a full range of a total of 12 kinds of specifications, can be used for coal. Metallurgical. Building material. Chemical industry sector, small and medium size classified material. Screen machine structure is simple, rugged and reliable, convenient maintenance, and high production efficiency.

Selection Information

1. Screening Machines: single-layer and double-layer, on the basis of small size sieve machine is equipped with mobile frame, in addition to SZZ1800 X 3600 screen for hanging outside.

2. The screen mesh structure can make up a strong network and punching sieve.

3. The motor can be installed on the left side or the right side, no special requirements according to the installation drawing installation.

4. If changing the inclination of sieve surface when the selection requirements for seat-type sieve can be separately designed.For hanging screen by the user by adjusting the length of steel wire rope hoisting device to realize

5. All the foundation bolts are owned by the user





400-1898-088 0373-5597320

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Address:west section of Taihang north road, Xinxiang economic development zone
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Tel:0373-5597320 Fax:0373-5597339
400-1898-088 0373-5597320

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