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Bassist, Songwriter,Guitarist , Author and all round Artiste still searching for the elusive all time High through Musical expression. Best known for his session work with Rock Blues and Reggae artists; Jacky Edwards, Guitar Shorty, Elmer Gantry, Neil Innes, John Otway, Dave Edmunds, Richy Hayward, George Harrison, Chris Goulstone, Dave Winthrop, Vasco Rossi, Maggie Bell, Peter Gabriel, Jimi Page, Phil Collins, Stan Webb, Robert Plant. An inveterate optimist with a great sense of awareness not to mention Humour that can often, and often has lightened up some dark, dismal but hilarious situations.......... Known for having attitude as opposed to having an attitude which admittedly is a fine line but those whom have had the pleasure/misfortune  of playing with Paul will know the difference  between the two ! For the uninitiated, it's what one may call job suitability or something that the boss can have but you cant........A do as I say, not as I do situation. Unbelievable the majority of musicians pander to this kind of totalitarian regime metered out by bolshie Rock God type personalities where Paul go's for the more bohemian " If I wanted to be dictated to, I would have joined the Army" style of employee behaviour which gives the situation a certain charm, if jagged edginess. This all adds up to what is known as true Rock n' Roll comportment. There are a lot of pretenders in this World especially in the entertainment division. Paul Martinez is not one of those.............read on if you will

Paul was born in Casablanca on 6th October 1947 to a French Musician Father and a English Actress Mother.  Primarily a B flat Cornet player, at Nine he was given his first Guitar after seeing a live show of early English Rock n 'Roll singer Tommy Steele who was the first real English Rocker. at eleven he had mastered the rudiments, learned to read music and was playing shows with his Father, Accordionist  Ray Snr in Clubs and parties most weekends. At  thirteen he was sitting in with  a local Rock n Roll band playing rhythm Guitar and picking up some tips from guys 18/19 years old.  At 15 between working a day job at a local Funeral directors and playing in bands night times Paul progressed to a level that instinctively became a Rubicon that had to be crossed. Once over that line there is no turning back. Joining Leicester combo The Berkeley Squares with his brother Ray junior along with Ric Grech on bass and Pick Withers on drums who later formed Dire straits with Mark Knopfler, before switching  to Bass and moving  permanently  to London. Joining The Downliners Sect to replace  Keith Grant (temporarily) who was indisposed at Her Majesties pleasure in Brixton on some trumped-up charge or other. Elmer Gantry came into the picture for a couple of years which led to non-stop touring and recording schedules. Later tours with The Foundations, Chicken Shack,The Honeydrippers, Club Dates with Jacky Edwards ( being the only white man in Paddington town Hall whilst backing Milly Small ) Re-joined Elmer Gantry for ill-fated American tour with Fleetwood Mac after Mick Fleetwood pulled out at  the last minute claiming not to know who we were ! Paul remarks that he isn't Finished with Mick F. yet, with a sinister look in his eye ! The band Stretch was formed and recorded the Song 'Why did you do it ' dedicated to Mick F. A Top Hit in England and covered by among others The Stax Duet 'Sam and Dave ' When asked by ex-members of  Deep Purple to be in a new twelve peice funk / rock band with Tony Ashton on Vocals he foolishly joined in desperation needing funds to support his family. An album  and British mini-tour followed to underwhelming accolades from both the record buying public and D.P. Accountants. Performing a monumental one-off Concert With Maggie Bell at The Royal Festival Hall in London With the Deep People Drummer and Keys man also Roxy Music' Andy Mckay and Geoff Whitehorn on  Sax and Guitar respectively later turning down the offer to join White Snake and going on the road with John Otway  and later Neil Innes whilst continuing to do session work  with Tony Ashtray and bring up a family, life was a bowl of Allbran.  Later Joining  Robert Plant for a Three Album stint and World tour scenario culminating in a Offer to play With Led Zeppelin at Live Aid Philadelphia. " Robert Plant still doesn't remember me being there !  Maybe he's been talking to Mick Fleetwood ? " Says Paul with a wry smirk on his weathered face. ........................... Relocating to Italy after Living in New York . Paul Toured with Vasco Rossi , The so - called Italian Bob Dylan. Which turned out to be more lucrative Financially  and culturally than a lot of the other quasi - Class A acts  put together. Incidentally, this being  Ironic  as most people probably never heard of V.R. outside Italy, Switzerland, Germany, etc. Footnote: Vasco outsold Madonna in Rome by 40,000 tickets and to boot, told Keith Richard and Mick Jagger in no uncertain terms, in two words ; The first, crudely describing Love Making, the second inviting  them to travel, following their offer to support them at Milan. The Rewards being meager considering the ticket sale boost Vasco could have added. Never bullshit a Bullshitter, the Italiano's are the Kings of that scene.   Continuing to do session work and play with some fine combo's et al.The Dynamite Mick Pini Band, The Thieves Feat. the Magician Guitarist and vocalist Chris Goulstone, and last but not least The Notorious Martinez Brothers feat. Ray Jnr. on Guitar  and Rick on drums ( The real rock n' roller of the family ).Never one to chase the Money or follow trends and the fashioista trail in the English way Paul always made his own choices and flightpaths. Indeed, when offered the job of Robert Plants Wardrobe adviser Paul asked the question "Why would a man of your stature need a Bass player to tell him how to dress ? " Sartorially speaking R.P. may have been lacking, but he sure knew a man of STYLE when he saw one !    For a better World, rise above mediocrity and remember, your body is not solely your temple, it is also your nightclub !  Adios Amigo's!